Property in changing times

The retail trade throughout Europe has recently focussed more and more on city center and large shopping malls. Hence the development and management of retail used property require specific know how. K.G.I. covers the full cycle from analysing all relevant factors, drafting functioning concepts to leasing retail areas and finally in the operating stage center management. K.G.I.’s competence provides complete and efficient economical solutions.


Using Know how

K.G.I. acts as a consultant and coordinator for private and institutional investors of retail property. We specialise in property development for today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly changing market place with the main focus on the specific requirements of retailers on one hand and investors on the other hand. K.G.I.’s expertise entails continuously updating relevant data regarding expansion strategies of retailers in combination with in-depth knowledge of local specifications in order to obtain optimal long term economic results at the given location. K.G.I.’s independence as a consultant ensures objective evaluation of sites and provides the foundation for a realistic profit orientated investment.


Intelligent concepts

K.G.I. drafts detailed marketability reports providing the investor with in depth knowledge on the location in question in relation to a functional concept. Combining all aspects of the location with its specific demands and future outlook and year long expertise, this enables K.G.I. to develop the optimal mix of tenants and a realistic concept. All possible expectations of retailers and investors are being met and coordinated by a professional and experienced partner.


Return of investment

In cooperation with clients, architects and other planning authorities K.G.I. researches specific requirements of the given location and its surroundings, taking into account communal interests as well as the anticipated development of the market. Consequent research of all requirements of retailers and investors allow for a successful partnership right from the beginning of planning. K.G.I. secures the continuous success of a location by coordinating all aspects and interests with the main focus on profitability.


Independent and focussed on return of investment

Precise and objective analysis of retail relevant data are taking the very complex and demanding changes into consideration at stage one. In a second stage K.G.I. gives a precise estimation of real turn over, a reliable calculation of risk and an evaluation of the homogeneous structure of the entire project and at last the estimated development of the project. This complete range of services enables K.G.I. to provide the client with all essential information required in the decision-making process with the focus on profitability.


Leasing and tenant support

K.G.I.’s expertise in calculating all possible variations of the various investments to be made by all partners involved (investors and tenants) allows for optimal results in dealing with potential tenants. Keeping the different interests in mind K.G.I. determines marketable leasing strategies with the aim to acquire and integrate a strong , long term tenant. The main asset of an economically successful development are reliable leasing agreements in line with market requirements. Well negotiated leasing agreements will also allow for a smooth running and thus are the reliable base for an investment.



Today’s retail market concentrates on city center and shopping-malls. Needs of retailers are constantly changing. Property and its tenants need to be closely monitored in order to be able to react to the changing needs of market players. K.G.I. takes the existing situation and adapts it to a acceptable modern standard, which is satisfactory to all partners and lends a new lease of life to the property.


“... always in control”

In order to keep up and even extend the quality of service, property and its tenants will have to react immediately to the shifting needs of the people. K.G.I. is constantly looking at how tenants concepts are in line with market demands at present and in the future. K.G.I.’s standard of keeping control enables the partners to take necessary actions in time in order to react to the market.


Purchase and Sales

As K.G.I. is well known for having the overview of all questions concerning the site analysis, leasing, dealing with tenants and the coordination of specialised architects. This puts K.G.I. into the position of being the main coordinator for all questions that occur during a transaction. Therefore the client possesses a skilled partner who is well experienced in the sale of complex real estate. The client and developer can use the knowledge and experience of K.G.I. in terms of research on the property. This expertise will give strong assistance to the client for the general investment decision.


Review of the market

Continuous reviews of the national and international retail market ensure K.G.I. to make the right decisions whether or not to get involved in a project. Strictly separating between fashion and trend, K.G.I. is in the position to notice changes early and to react to new developments of the market immediately.


Responsible up to the end

K.G.I. enters into a commitment and takes full responsibility to push forward the developed concept up to the opening. In doing so the client can rely on a competent and highly specialised partner who sees through the complexity of the task. The partnership with K.G.I. will help the client to gain a safe and reasonable return on invest.